Beginning of the End

About a month ago I finished the first draft of my 120,000 word young-adult fantasy novel. We had it printed and bound so that my family and editors could read it. The feeling I had when I first held that manuscript in my hand is something that I will remember forever. That feeling of accomplishment and pride. It was after that initial high that I realised something, this is only the beginning of the end. Yes, I had put a year and a half of my life into this book but still have to put in over a year and a half more. For a moment I was lost. I wondered why I had given so much and if I had anything left to give. What is next? Do I need an agent? How do I write a query letter? These are all questions that have entered my mind more than once but there is one that is a constant presence. It keeps me up at night, haunts me every time I sit down to edit. Will it be good enough? The answer is I have no idea.

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