Write What You Know

People always tell me “write what you know”, but the question is, what do I know? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I used to think I knew everything. I thought that the sun rose with me in the morning and then left as soon as I fell asleep. But now, as I go through life, I have come to know that I am only one out of 8 billion people.

But I also now know that I am one in 8 billion.

It is important to realise that while you are only a small piece of a big puzzle, without you that puzzle would not be complete. As people die the picture changes, just as it does with each new life. You make the puzzle unique and it would never be the same without you.

Today, I thought that school would be the end of me but in reality it is only a stepping stone across the vast river that is life. If I slip and fall into that river, well, I’ll just have to pick myself up and try again. 

I have many people in my life that show me my importance but I also have plenty of people who prove my unimportance. I must realise that I am not meant to be important to everyone and not everyone I meet will be important to me 

Yet everyone I know will teach me my worth. The people that I meet will change my mind. The places that I go will change my views. And the experiences that I have will change my soul.

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