Reading Lit w Computers

Week 1 Journal

I am very excited to be in Reading Literature with Computers this semester. I am always open to finding new ways to analyse literature and so I think that this will be interesting class. I read Beloved in my English class during my Junior year in high school. I was never aware of any controversies surrounding the novel until recently when I began doing research for this class. Fairfax County Public Schools has had many parents petition for the removal of Beloved from the curriculum. I personally don’t remember anything that would warrant its banned status but it has been awhile so I could be forgetting things.

I am looking forward to seeing where the class takes the discussion. While I do have some prior knowledge of the novel, it will be a little bit like I’m reading it for the first time so I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Using all of the sources we found this week, I think my peers are going into reading looking for the controversies. This is very unlike how I first read the book so the discussions will be different than the ones I had in my 11th grade English class.

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