Reading Lit w Computers

Week 13 Journal

This week we dove more in-depth into our final projects and I began finalizing my research question. In class, we went over multiple different tools and codes to assist us in our final project. Our Pythonic Paraphrasing project was due on Monday and that really helped me lay the groundwork for my final.

For my final project, I will be looking at the differences between adult novels and young adult novels. Throughout this week I created a corpus of 50 plain text novels from different authors to analyze. It was difficult to find pdfs of all of the novels and convert them to txt files but I managed.

Using Voyant I created multiple different grafts that I will be using. The graph below shows the difference in word count between adult and young adult novels based on five specific authors.

These graphs along with the code that I developed for my Pythonic Paraphrasing are going to be the basis of my final project. I am a little bit worried about the formatting of the paper and I am not sure exactly what it’s supposed to look like. However, I know I’m going in the right direction and hopefully, I will be able to find some sample papers to look at as a formatting guide.

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