Reading Lit w Computers

Week 2 Journal

This week we began reading Beloved by Toni Morrison. The novel is about a family of former slaves and their home which is haunted by some sort of spirit. I have read this before but, as I read it again for this class, I am noticing a lot of things that I didn’t before. I mainly believe that this is because I am older and more mature as I read it over three years ago.

There is a theme of memory and the power of memory throughout the novel. Memories are inescapable for Sethe in Beloved. The way the novel moves between past memories and present narration shows how there is no separation between the past and the present. The powerful memories that Sethe experiences impact not only herself but others around her. This is shown through Denver as Sethe has passed on her memories of Sweet Home through storytelling.

We also reviewed adding things to the Zotero Library which was very helpful to me as I continue to find new resources. I like the different options available to us for participation in this class. It is hard to speak up with such a big class but I feel like there are other ways for me to make my voice heard.

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