Reading Lit w Computers

Week 3 Journal

This week we continued reading Beloved and discussing it during class. I believe that I am a bit ahead of the assigned reading but it is hard to tell because I have already read the book and remember most of it. The class came up with many different theories on who the Beloved character was. We also discussed why it was that she chose this time to come back to Sethe.

We tried out small group discussions in class which was nice because I was able to better focus on what was being said. It was nice to actually have a conversation with the people in our class because thats hard to do sometimes given the size of our class.

On Discord, we posed different questions that we had about the book. My question was: Why does Morrison write chapters full of short sentences starting with “you” or “I” or “we” and who is speaking? I got a few responses and it was really nice to engage with people in a digital way.

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