Reading Lit w Computers

Week 4 Journal

This week we used a lot of different online tools to enhance our reading experience. Having finished Beloved, it was exciting to begin experimenting with the things we would eventually use to analyze it.

We started to explore Voyant Tools and started working on our presentations. I took a lot of time outside of class to explore this website and tried out many of the tools on my novel. Below is a screenshot of the Cirrus tool being used for my novel. I particularly like this tool because I find it very visually appealing and one of the easiest to understand.

As a writer, I looked for tools like this to help me analyze my writing holistically in a way that I cannot. It’s really helpful to know what words I use as a crutch and repeat too many times.

We also used Perusall but, since I was on Zoom, I had a lot of trouble navigating to the link. It kept asking for a password which I didn’t have. I eventually figured it out after class and was able to read through my peers’ questions/comments.

I don’t do a lot of participating in class unless we are in small groups, so I appreciate being exposed to all these different methods of participating. Discord is something that I enjoy because I like the casual conversation about the class topics.

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