Short Stories

The Hunted

She was tucked in and left in darkness, clutching her elephant. Light flashed through her window. She slid out of bed. Outside the window, the tree was illuminated. She climbed out and down. From the last branch, she jumped. Her father was waiting. She laughed and ran to him but then slowed. Fear flashed on her face. To the back door. Tugging hard, she found it locked. He lunged. To the front door. His breathing followed. It was locked too. She blindly ran. He caught her, she screamed. Lights flickered. He hid her well. Screams rang. Then, she stopped.

5 thoughts on “The Hunted

  1. I really like this idea. I could see at the end of this, see wakes up from a dream or something like that. If it isn’t a dream, then I could imagine that it is the ghost of her mother that showed herself to the daughter. Worst expectation is that she died. If you ever expand on this, I would really look forward to reading it!

    One question to you, what does it feel like posting onto this blog of yours? I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing (though I’m still learning the set up of everything) so I was curious about your opinion of it.

    1. Hi! It was actually very exciting to post, though I was a bit nervous about formatting everything correctly. Please reach out if you have any questions or need any help setting up your own blog!

      1. I’m slowly figuring it out, don’t worry. Hahah. It’s just a lot to handle for someone who hasn’t done this before, but thank you for offering!

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